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Hey All…so I am headed to Phoenix tomorrow March 27 until the 29th to shoot:) Give me an email!!! We will also be streaming live webcam as well…so make sure to join me!!! It will be lots of fun and flexing and sexy!!!!



Hey Guys…come chat with me live or join my pages:)

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Hi Everybody….I hope u are enjoying the relaunch of my new site:) I wanted to let you guys know that friend Rhonda Lee and I will be performing on webcam this Saturday. I am attaching the link so you can check out our interview and you can expect a hot sexy muscle show! xoxo

Posted on: August 27, 2009

Me and my best girls!!

Me and my best girls!!

Girls night

Girls night

haha way back when...2002

haha way back when...2002

my other halves!

my other halves!

Hi Guys,

Wow it has been a long time since I posted or emailed. I have been quite busy the last 6 mths. As most of you know I went back to nursing full time. I have been working 12 hr shifts…so have not had a lot of time for much. Well I haven back into the gym the last 7 weeks and trying to hit hard again:) I am curretly trying to get Andy to update my webpage as well as it has been long overdue as well. I will post a few new  pics here as well…since I was just posting a quick message to let you all know I am back!!!! 🙂

Kim xoxox


Hey Guys…so I am in Calgary Alberta right now:) I got in tuesday evening to shoot a new video with Scissorfoxes!! I just thought I would do a quick update before I catch my flight back home to Ontario. I did 12 new clips and galleries yesterday which the 1st one should be posted this Friday…so make sure to check out .nWell I thought today I would do a quick trip downtown…but the hell with that…it is way too cold here…lolIt has been an awesome trip though I might add and I had a blast working…so make sure to check out the new content they will be adding.

As for everything else….hmmm I made the cover of Muscle Elegance this mth which the pics are hot hot hot!!! I am still getting ready for Nationals for this coming August in Vancouver…so working my ass off to get ready while working back in Nursing again:) So I am def keeping busy!! Also am suppose to head to Vegas next mth to shoot some more video…and will keep you updated when that will be out. Well I am off to finishe packing to head to the airport!!!

Big Kisses and Squeezes,

Kim xoxoxox

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  • Jason: Kim's turning into a little bad girl or maybe she already was and we are just seeing it. ;-)
  • Darrell Matthews: Hi Kim, my name is Darrell am from the Chicagoland area. I seen your IFBB youtube video it was truly amazing keep up the good work. I was wondering h
  • Dan: Hey Kim, The Calgary shots look great! Can't wait for the full length videos to be out. I just found two other of your videos on www.crushwrestling